Mobile Ate The World

Going through this presentation by Benedict Evans is like watching an exciting science fiction movie. Benedict brings to the table a fascinating interpretation of the recent trends in mobile. A captivating story about our extremely interesting times supported by some stunning data points.


Some interesting take-aways:

#1 Mobile is not really surpassing or catching up with desktop anymore. What we see is a fundamental shift in scale from 300M PCs to 1.5B smartphones and growing (up to 5B in 2020). Future belongs to mobile.

#2 Smartphones are game-changers. They are modern computers affordable to anyone. Smartphones are the first universal tech product in the history available for every person in the world.

#3 Tech keeps moving from one ecosystem to another. Starting with about 100k mainframes, through 10M workstations and 1.5B PCs, mobile is the next frontier with a potential of over 5B devices.

#4 Mobile is an ecosystem – not a screen size. Each ecosystem is a “lego” for new products. Mobile ecosystem already boosts development of drones, VR devices, sensors etc.

#5 Social says bye, bye to desktop. Half of Facebook’s userbase is mobile only.

#6 People use mobile devices not only while traveling. 40-50% of all traffic happens on wifi. Also streaming consumption on mobile is significant and growing.

#7 Mobile is more capable and sophisticated platform than desktop. Adding this to it’s scale and growth rate it represents much higher opportunity than desktop.