Ever wondered how to order the items in your product backlog? How to prioritise product features or strategies?

Let me present you a simple three-step framework to answer these problems. It involves the following steps:
1) Define Goals
2) Brainstorm Ideas
3) Prioritise Ideas

Read more in the deck:

This approach works pretty well, assuming that you follow some best practices at each of these steps.

For example, goal must be well defined – including constraints, being measurable, realistic and having deadline (basically, the goal must meet all SMART criteria). Otherwise, the next steps are very likely to fail due to misalignment – some people will stay focused on short-term, other on long-term. Some will assume that the budget stays as it is – other that it can be significantly increased.

For brainstorm session you need to follow the right process and have the right people in the room. Allow discussion about each concept generated during the brainstorming session and you may waste two hours, ending up with few low quality ideas.

Finally, you must make sure that the framework you use for evaluating and comparing ideas is consistent so that you can order them by what matters most. What I recommend is the ICE methodology (Impact, Confidence, Ease) – used as a part of High Tempo Testing by Sean Ellis.