Role of Product Manager / Product Owner is one of the most challenging position any startup can offer. It requires strong T-shaped skill set combining broad social, design, technical, business and analytical abilities with expertise in one or two of them.

That’s probably much more than what it takes to become an astronaut!

To give you an idea of how many various space suits (aka hats) Product Owner has to wear on a daily basis, check out the list from Scott Hurff’s book Designing Products People Love. Good read, by the way!


1. Entreprenuer

Find a problem, solve it and turn it into sustainable business. Take risks, build team and lead.


2. Product Manager

Process ideas and feedback from entire organisation into product priorities and features.


3. Interaction Designer

Think with user flows and design sticky interfaces.


4. Visual Designer

Combine colours, fonts, objects and space to help users navigate product easier.


5. Motion designer

Use motion to minimise confusion and maximise fun.


6. Prototyper

Create various prototypes to play with ideas before creating software.


7. Data Analyst

Design tests, analyse data, conclude, identify patterns and trends.


8. User Researcher

Design and execute ethnographic research to understand users better.


9. Psychologist

Leverage knowledge about human behaviour and motivations to build long lasting experience.


10. Copywriter

Craft compelling and contextual copy.


11. Project Manager

Manage projects to deliver results, balancing: time, quality, scope and time.


12. Product Marketer

Perform market research and deliver the product to the right audience.


13. Customer Support

Listen to users’ feedback and solve their problems.



Cute astronaut icons – Happy Friday Space Travelers by New Haircut.