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Leadership Under Pressure – LinkedIn

Let me share with you an impressive speech by LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner addressed to over 9000 employees around the world, few days after the company lost around 40% of its value in the stock market.

That’s how it looked like… Really, really bad…

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In spite of that, Jeff managed to handle it in an awe-inspiring manner. His speech is a great lesson of leadership in such insanely uncertain times.

Initially, the speech wasn’t intended to be public, however after hot reception from Linkedin’s employees, Shannon Brayton, CMO and Senior VP, Corporate Communications decided to share it online.

What is the lesson?

We should all be prepared for uncertainty, because it is the only certain thing nowadays. You cannot avoid such radical shifts, as the one experienced by LinkedIn. In fact, expect them to happen more and more often.

What you can do, however, is to have strong leadership capable of navigating through such storms and company culture able to deal with it. And be prepared for some serious turbulence.

Congrats, Jeff!