The collection of growth techniques that proved to work for various startups. Inspired by and kicked off with a list of 19 traction development channels presented in the book TRACTION: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.

The list will be extended over time! Looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions!


1. Targeting Blogs

Reach out to niche blogs in order to drive referral traffic, strenghten brand, engage users and influencers, as well as improve your domain position through linkbuilding.


2. Social & Display Ads

Advertise your product on social networks or specialised websites.


3. SEO

Organic presence in search engine results based on accurate and quality content, domain authority and other ranking factors.


4. Community Building

Develop and animate community of passionate users who will help you create and curate content and act as brand ambassadors.


5. Publicity

Initiate and maintain relations with journalists in order to get featured in top media outlets like online news publishers, magazines, newspapers and TV.


6. Unconventional PR

Draw media attention thanks to exceptional publicity stunts or strenghten relations with your key users through appreciation campaigns.


7. SEM

Advertise your product to Internet users searching for information or help on Google or other search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Yandex.


8. Offline Ads

Offline advertisement including radio, billboards, newspapers, flyers and other local ads. Allows targeting user segments, which are difficult to reach online. Rarely leveraged by startups.


9. Content Marketing

Attracting users through relevant content published on blogs, publishing platforms or social media.


10. Email Marketing

Leverage email in order to activate and retain users.


11. Viral Marketing

Encouraging users to refer other users.


12. Engineering as Marketing

Building microsites, widgets and free tools to drive traffic to the main product. Case: Leet & SlackList.


13. Business Development

Building win-win relations supporting growth with external partners.


14. Sales

Building process to directly exchange product for dollars.


15. Affiliate Programs

Rewarding affiliates for bringing users to the product.


16. Existing Platforms

Get traction from the largest or the fastest growing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, App Store, Snapchat.


17. Trade Shows

Show off your latest product to the relevant audience on trade shows.


18. Offline Events

Sponsor or run offline events like conferences or meetups.


19. Speaking Engagements

Give an awesome talk at the conference to draw attention and attract users.


20. [NEW] Enthusiastic support

Exceeding expectations when it comes to the user support.


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