Engineering as Marketing

Leet & SlackList – Engineering as Marketing

A story shared by Correy Pollock on Medium is a good example of leveraging a traction channel called Engineering as Marketing supported by Community to build early traction for your product.

Long story short:

Engineering as Marketing

Case Study of Leet & SlackList

Correy wanted to build a sustainable acquisition channel for his new app for gamers called Leet.

He started with solving a common (yet unrelated to the app itself) problem of finding interesting Slack communities by creating He posted it on ProductHunt and reached over 140k visits in May 2015. Initially the main source of traffic were referrals from Product Hunt.

That’s how it looked like on Similarweb:

Slacklist Traffic

Over next months traffic dropped and stabilised at the level of 20-30k monthly. As time passed by more and more traffic’s come from search. At this point he owned a distribution channel that could be later leveraged in various ways.

For example SlackList could be used for promoting his new app. He created a new #gaming channel and featured it on SlackList:

SlackList top slack channels

He started building community of gamers who at the same time were target group for his new product. It wasn’t easy – animating community takes a lot of time and effort. Yet it paid off. See the traction graph below:

Traffic Leet

Traction on Leet is not yet super impressive (few thousand visits daily according to the Similarweb), but taking into consideration that it is still in public beta, its acquisition channel is extremely well targeted and website consists only of a simple landing page – it’s a pretty good starting point. Moreover, SlackList has a potential to promote other products in the future.